Establishing of a company in Estonia

Accounting services

and supporting services

Accounting services within whole palette, we do it all or only the tiresome or inaccessible part for the company.

We advise in choosing and implementing of business software and applying it in joint use.

The user-friendly programmes with good updating support: Hansaworld, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The possibility to grow from small workshop with 250 employees into decent group in the same platform.

Establishing of a company
in Estonia

Use Estonian tax advantage – not the total profit, but only the cash paid as dividends, is taxed with income tax.

The establishing and management of the company and communication with administrative agencies is very easy, most operations can be performed as e-resident online in the computer.

The gap of salary level compared to old European countries is continuously big.

Advisory and legal assistance

The establishing and reorganization of the companies, preparation of decisions and minutes of the meetings, preparation of contracts required in the business activities.

Tax advisory, registration as VAT liable person, international taxation.


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